Move your Waiting Room Outside through Automated Customer Check‑ins

Using our chatbot check-in system, you can start social distancing customers to your business in under 10 minutes.

Check in from Anywhere & through Any Device

Whether your customer has a smartphone or not, we can help them get checked in with your business. Customers simply text or call a location's phone number and our chatbot helps them through the process.

  • Physical and social distancing

    When physical distancing is a concern, customers don't need to leave their cars until you are ready for them.

  • Simple and flexible customer check-ins

    Customers can call, text, or visit a webpage to check-in. Our chatbot will collect the answers your staff needs.

  • Automatic callback

    When staff is ready, customers receive a text or callback. Choose to include additional information to your customers if needed for your location.

Smartphone Device Example

Real-Time Interface for Owners & Staff

Staff members can access our dashboard from a web browser to view an auto-updating list of customer check-ins. Use our interface to send messages back to your customers with the push of a button.

  • Waiting customers at-a-glance

    With a list of check-ins you can easily see how many customers are waiting, when they checked in, and answers to your custom questions.

  • Save time and reduce mistakes

    Don't track names and phone numbers manually. Let your customers check themselves in. When ready, reach out to them with a quick click.

  • Track the number of people in your business

    Need to limit the flow of customers? Use the active list to monitor how many people are still in your business. Only call in more when you have space.

Merchant Example

Get Started with Lobbly

If you're not satisfied, contact us within the first 14 days and we'll send you a refund of your monthly charge.

Single Location Subscription

Each physical location is managed seperately and provided a dashboard for staff members.

What's included

  • Unique local phone number

  • Configurable Chatbot for your customers

  • Unlimited user accounts for staff

  • Live dashboard of active customer check-ins

  • Historical stats of past customer check-ins

Monthly pricing based on usage

$25 monthly
50ยข per check-in

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